Wednesday, March 6, 2013

LSU vs Sacred Heart 3/6/2013

After going for 13 innings in the first half of the double header and losing, one would think that Sacred Heart would have felt a bit down, but they played well against LSU tonight.  If it isn't for the second inning, this game is much more respectable.

LSU batted around in the second inning, getting 6 hits and 6 runs to break the game wide open.  The Tigers also had six walks to go along with 10 hits on the evening.  No single player had a particularly great game, but several players performed well tonight.  Mason Katz hit an RBI double in the second inning to break things open for LSU.    Jared Foster also had a RBI double in the 2nd.  Foster finished 2/5, scored two runs, and had one RBI.

Other than the second inning, things were fairly sparse for the offense.  LSU scored four more runs in the game, but most of them were due to Sacred Heart defensive hiccups rather than solid hitting.  Sacred Heart committed four errors on the night which helped contribute to the lopsided margin of victory.

LSU pitched by committee tonight, so we got to see several different guys in action.

Nick Rumbelow kicked the game off, pitching two innings and retiring all six batters he faced.  Nick had a solid outing and pitched very efficiently, throwing 26 pitches and striking out two batters.  The Tigers will need Rumbelow to continue this early form in order to do well in SEC play.

Hunter Newman relieved Rumbelow and had a solid outing.  He pitched three innings, striking out four batters and giving up one earned run on two hits.  For a guy that has seen limited action before tonight, it was good to see Newman get some work and pitch well.  The only earned run he gave up was off of a home run in his final inning.  I contribute that to his pitching style, which is to throw hard fastballs and to pound the strike zone.

Hunter Devall had a good outing, despite some control issues.  Several times he was up in the count and lost his advantage by losing his command.  However, he was able to battle back and get batters out.  He pitched two innings, walked one batter, struck out three, and gave up three hits with no earned runs.

Joey Bourgeois pitched the 8th inning.  He gave up a double and an earned run in the inning, but battled out of it by getting two strikeouts to close the inning.  I like the way he battles when he pitches.  However, this is his second outing where he has come out of the pen and given up an earned run.  I would like to see more clean innings out of him.

Chris Cotton closed the game and was Chris Cotton.  He struck out three and looked impressive again.  If we had three or four of him on the team, we would be set.

Good game overall for the Tigers.  Washington is up next.  Hopefully the weather inside Alex Box will be more comfortable this weekend.

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Grand Total4135100.286782000.34310600.3902351101543.81650.31360.33311


Grand Total9.03370.2120221482.003211100.2354710310.316620.3330.889

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